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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Barnes and Noble signing.

Yesterday was my first signing at a Barnes and Noble. I won't lie, I was nervous that nobody would come over to my table and check out the books. After all why would they? No one knows who I am and they are probably trying to have a moment of peace after a busy week. When I first arrived, Barnes and Noble had everything already set up. There was a table in the front when you first walked in. The display had my books and a lovely poster of The Queen of It. On display the Nook monitors had the cover of Through the Door to Dusk throughout the store. They were so kind and accommodating and gave me all the tools needed to make the day a success. Periodically they would announce my appearance over the intercom alerting anyone within the confounds of the store that there was an author signing and to go and say hello. Some of the customers who came in just looked over with curiosity while quickly rushing by and trying to go unnoticed. But many of them were not only friendly, they were interested. They asked questions, took pictures and bought the books. The kids were the best. One little boy who stood out in my mind, was about ten. He was over the top with excitement because he had never met a real life author before. I was so taken with his innocence and sweet sense of amazement, he truly made my day. I don't know how you're supposed to measure success, but for me it was in the face of that little boy.

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