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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Okay...so for the past several months you've listened to me when things were at their lowest and despair was my closest friend. You've offered words of wisdom, a shoulder to cry on and a crutch to lean on. I've ranted and babbled, sometimes making no sense to anyone but me, but you stayed. You hung in with me and on several days, that got me through. But now I'm here.It's a better place and a lot less stressful. I'm feeling a bit more like me and less like a person getting ready to be fitted for a straight jacket. It's taken many months of sadness and brutal reality to realize that what I was holding on to was just an idea. An idea of how things should be. You grow up, you get married. You have kids. They grow up and move on with their lives and then you grow old together. But who's to say that maybe...just maybe...you don't. Maybe there's a time for every one that comes into our lives... a beginning and an end. And maybe, it just stops. The chapters over, the book ends and you pick up a new book. Maybe there isn't only one person for us, but rather one person for each chapter we are in. Some chapters are longer than others, but no one really stays for the whole story, only you...it's your story. I'm not sure if this idea is right or wrong, but I do know I have picked up a new book. And so far, I like where the story is going...

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