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Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you my daughters...my loves...

Sometimes we need to be reminded how very fortunate we are in our lives. Yesterday was mine. My daughters, son in-law, daughter in-law and every family member and friend managed, for what I'm told was months, keep the biggest secret from me...my surprise 50th birthday party.

My daughters and I were talking a few months back about my birthday and I told them laughingly that I wanted a princess party. Well...they did just that. I had pink everything...Disney princess plates, a Minnie princess hat, pink utensils, napkins and decorations. All of my family from here and most of California were there, along with my closest friends. Truth be told I wasn't only surprised, I was speechless. They had all kept this secret from me so well, I think in another life my daughters must have been some very astute spies for the Russians. They managed to take me so off guard that they actually succeeded in pissing me off a bit before the party...apparently their intention to mask their master mind plan. I laugh when I think of all the times my cousin Sarah and I have talked over the past few days. It must have been burning a hole in her the size of a small country to keep this info from me. As if the party weren't enough, they also overwhelmed me with a trip to Disneyland next week. For any one close to me you, know how much I've wanted to go with my grand daughter. It's been a dream of mine since the day she graced our lives and something I've been waiting patiently to do. As the grandma, you have to wait for mom and dad to take her first. So the anticipation of when they would do so left me anxious. I kept telling them when she turns four, her and I are going so they better hurry up. An empty threat I know, but it appeased me for the moment. But yesterday they gave me the best gift imaginable. Not only are we going as a family, but I get to witness her first time seeing the wonders that is Disney. I want for nothing...I have everything. Thank you my darlings...

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