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Monday, March 26, 2012


It's funny how many times I've been told that I am naive. I've never really thought of myself that way but okay...I like to think that I see the better in most people. I expect that given the opportunity, most of us take the high road. Even when it may be the road less traveled, a bit bumpier or maybe put ourselves in a place that might make us feel vulnerable...I'd like to think we choose with our hearts and not our heads. I said I'd like too...but I realize that reality has a way of creeping in and that's not always the case. I know that letting go, baring our soul and being naked...truly naked, is difficult and painful sometimes. Walls go up and one by one you have a fortress. But sometimes on very rare occasions there's a door...and even though it's scary and you feel like your being exposed for all the world to see, you walk through it. And then one by one, the walls fall. And what is left is just you. I don't know maybe I am naive. But maybe...just maybe, I'm just full of hope.

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