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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I went to my counselor today. We talked about some issues I have been having lately...none of which I will share. Let's just say I believe some things are meant for only us. Anyway she suggested I write a letter so that I may close the book on the most bothersome of my issues. The writer in me decided to write two of them, one for just me and one for well...the universe. Now the universe version will be vague but none the less it will be sent out there. So here it goes...

Dear You,

This is my goodbye. You will no longer share those things which are intimate and close to my heart. My choice by your hand...but still my choice. I will remember those things that make me smile and let go of the memories that bring me tears. I will open my heart, mind and soul so that one day I can share it with someone of my choosing and give of myself without hesitation. I will recognize no one else is you and therefore not judge them by your actions. I will allow myself complete happiness without the fear of your next move. I will let someone be themselves when they are with me without worry of misguided judgement, pulling back or shutting down. I will from today, tomorrow and the future to come, go forward with my life...MY LIFE. I loved you, I treasured you and now I let you go...

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