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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Writing Place

A quick thought before I get ready for the day job on this lovely Monday morning ... I know most of us who write have jobs outside of our author career. We have to in order to eat. But on days like today, how do you explain to someone that you're in your writing place, and you need to sit down and put words to paper? Figuratively of course.

I know there isn't a boss out there who would say this is a valid excuse not go in and yet, the dilemma is real. Writing isn't like a faucet that you can simply turn off and then on again when the days over. The moment hits you, the idea is flowing and the burning in your brain needs oxygen. An hour, two, three, or an entire day passes, it could be completely extinguished. I seriously mulled this over today because I am in my writing place and want so passionately to stay home and create. But alas, the logical side fought and won out. I can only hope that whatever sparked this energy in my brain this morning, will somehow rekindle itself later today.

Happy Monday everyone, may the day be a creative one.

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