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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday is a day too!

I posted this a few weeks ago on Facebook. Since Tuesday is back, I thought would give it a voice one more time.

   It occurred to me this morning—Tuesday morning, that poor Tuesday, is highly under rated. It doesn't get the recognition like the other six days. For instance Wednesday, that's hump day. The middle of the work week, halfway to the weekend, glorified for it's place nestled nicely between the beginning and the end. Thursday, the preliminary to Friday. The yay, it's almost Friday day. Then there's Friday. The ahhh day. You have the whole weekend in front of you. Nothing beats a Friday night and the possibilities that lie ahead. Saturday—need I say more? The epitome of freedom and fun. And Sunday. The excuse to lay on the couch watching movies, catching up on TV shows you missed, while maybe do a laundry or two. The perfect nothing day without the guilt. Even Monday has a purpose. Blue Monday, the beginning of the grind, but recognized none the less.

   But who thinks about little Tuesday? No one. Well, I'm here to say that quiet, simple, nondescript Tuesday, is just as important as all the other days. Without Tuesday, we would have nothing to look forward to on blue Monday. Without Tuesday, we would not have the catalyst to hump day Wednesday and without Tuesday, there would be no Tuesday night Papa Johns discount pizza night, or Sons of Anarchy, as I was reminded of just recently. So I say, Yay Tuesday—you rock! Keep up the great job and I'll see you again next week. 


  1. Very true! The other days wouldn't be the same without it!