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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Editing and Wednesday

Today being Wednesday, our transition day, I've decided I needed to focus on my editing all day. I'm currently working on the first round of look sees for my sci-fi novel, The View from Room 629.

The story takes place at state line between the Nevada and California border. A group of twenty something young adults, drive out for a concert and find themselves intertwined in a alien experiment that could threaten the very core of the human race.

Yes, it's YA—that's what I write. Anyway, I've gone off point. What I was saying was, because it is Wednesday and because editing to me, is our transition period when writing, it seemed the perfect day to pair up the two. The commitment level is somehow easier when the day is slotted for a specific purpose, which makes it nice. Usually I try to get in a few hours here and there, but when I can devote an entire day—let's just say it's a version of bliss for me.

So peeps, I will be checking in from time to time, but today my contact will be limited. Sort of like when you were a kid in the summertime. You left the house to go out and play early in the morning, and only came back for lunch or to grab a drink. That's me today. I'm going out to play—see you at lunch. ;)

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