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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Sexy Saturday-Those who know they're sexy and those who don't.

Meet Gideon Cooper. Seven lines from the sci-fi, The View from Room 629

 “What Gideon? What could you possibly have to say that hasn't already been done to death?” I said I would bite, I didn't say I'd make it easy for him.

 “I don't know what's going to happen tonight and I couldn't just let it go without telling you something. The reason I drove all the way here today, was to make sure you know exactly how I feel. I know it seems like I don't care, but that's not true. I've always had a hard time saying what I'm feeling.You know that. I also know I can be a real ass to you and everyone else. I don't mean to, it just comes out. And before I know it, I've hurt you...again.”                http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com

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