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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Work 101

    When I'm not busy writing, editing, imagining and mulling, I earn my living as a sales associate at Macy's. It's only part time, flex time actually, but it allows me to keep doing what I love—writing.

   Now in the past, I have come to the point in my work life that I earned a pretty descent salary. Enough to maintain 20-30 hours a week, pay the rent and support me and Cooper. That was my job as a compliance officer for home medical equipment. After my last position had been eliminated due to a company buy out, I took my time to think about what it was I would like to do.

   It didn't take very long to figure out—shopping. And since I grew up in New York, Macy's was the department store that had a warm and fuzzy place in my heart. So I completed the on-line questionnaire/application and was thrilled when they called me in for an interview.

   When they offered me the job, I was exhilarated. I didn't care that the salary was a third of what I had been previously making, because by this time, I was living with my brother and sister in-law. I knew it couldn't be for the rest of my career, but I thought I'd enjoy it while I had the "luxury" of no rent.

   When I started my first day, I was so nervous. But after a few hours, it all fell into place and my Macy's adventure began. They have me in purses, fashion jewelry and watches. I couldn't believe my hearing when my manager said purses. They actually pay me to stand in the beautiful sea of color that is Michael Kors, Coach, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor and countless others. The smell of the leather, the feel of the fabric, and the warm glow of gold, silver and soft brass trim, is a waking dream. I walk my aisles of the endless array of possibilities and fashion accessories with a smile that could light even the densest fog. This is my new world—this is where I fit.

   I hope one day my writing career takes off and I will be once again on the shopping side of my little oasis. But until then, it's nice to leave for work and have the feeling of going home again. After all—that's the magic of Macy's.

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