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Monday, December 9, 2013

Elizabeth Giannantonio's Day of Poetry

When I was young I loved to write dark poetry. Poetry is my passion and today I will share with you my first poem.

The blood flows down her face as she cries,
Her head all filled with lies,
As her heart beats slower,
The song of the devil rings in her ear,
Then she hears the words rush down her neck,
"Sleep forever with no turning back,
The grim comes later and yes with attack,
I wouldn't look now cuz the world is gone,
And your falling right down to the fire light on,
It's getting colder and you can barely breathe,
Your heart just won't stop as you see shadows leave,
As you get tougher,
The devil watches you suffer,
You die tonight,
I wouldn't fight,
You are never in peace,
To say the least,
I must now say good bye,
I am not sorry you had to die"

So that is the first poem I ever wrote and as you sit there thinking I must be crazy, don't worry I just like the way horror sounds and I do have more about the crisp edges of newsprint on a Sunday. This is the one I think speaks out the loudest. I wish everyone a great day!

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