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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just another day...

Today is one of the most exciting and perplexing days that I can remember...The Dusk Chronicles is available in print and I've been waiting for months holding my patience together with Elmer's glue and chewing gum. The feeling of seeing it finally available on Amazon is a bit overwhelming. I would like to enjoy this day to the fullest. Basking in the glow of seeing my story become available for everyone to have the capability of holding it in their hands, turning the pages and reading as the story unfolds. Now I realize when it was only available in e book form they could ideally do the same thing. But there is something about holding the pages in your hands and running your fingers over the cover...okay I admit it, when it comes to books I'm still a little old fashioned.I want to be able to completely enjoy this moment...but I can't. Other things going on in my life seem to be clouding the sunshine. Not enough to rain on my parade but rather just enough to cast a shadow. I feel as if I am still in a suspended state lately. I know where I want to go and with a certain amount of surety where it is I'm headed and most things seem to be pointed in that direction. However, there are forces that I have no control over that are slowing things to a pace that my less than stellar patience can accept.I'm the kind of person that if I have a task in front of me I tackle it and get it over with. Then I let out a sigh of relief reflecting on my accomplishments. Unfortunately not everyone around me sees things the way and I do. The result is time lost, tasks left for another day and my life in limbo. I am in this place of "stuck" because the control I wish I had is not for me to hold but them. I do push through each day waiting and going on with my daily routine but I can't help but feel the suffocation of moving in place. I want to scream...but I don't. I take a deep breath, hope this will be the day and everything will work out.After all what someone close to me always says...it is what it is.

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