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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Saturday I spent the day with my daughters and granddaughter on a search for the perfect Easter dress for the baby. My granddaughter, always the center of attention was the light of the day and we couldn't help ourselves the whole time engaging in deep conversations of babble and delight. Her two aunties doted on her every move and her mother and I tagged along as part of her entourage...we're so privileged. We started out our shopping adventure with a walk around the District. A group of up scale shops designed to have a setting that resembles the feel of Soho in New York. Not exactly, but still rather nice. We found the most adorable navy dress with matching socks and a pearl bracelet to complete the ensemble. My daughter was especially happy because the dress she will be wearing for Easter is navy as well and now mommy and baby will match...so adorable. We then took our camp to the cheesecake factory for...you guessed it...cheesecake. There our little darling was fluent in what seemed to be a very important discussion that she engaged in with everyone lucky enough to pass by our table. We decided to end our little excursion with a romp through Whole Foods where delactible bakery treats and the aroma from the deli counter swept us away to a few moments of heaven. Our day had winded down by now and the baby was feeling less sociable and more like nap time so we headed home. During the drive I sleeped into the kind of thought that makes you think about life and the people who surround yours...very deep. I've discovered that my best days are spent hanging with my daughters. They make my happiest days happier and my worst days a little more tolerable. They are my closest friends, confidants, and dare I say...my pals. They are the light in my life...that is until my granddaughter comes into the room and then all bets are off.

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  1. Lol! I was all "Awww!" andthen I got to the last part :-P I had so much fun! Just walking around stupid Whole Foods <3