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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love writing. It takes me away and lets me create a world all my own. One where I can observe the characters as they come to life and lead me on a journey I very often don't know where I'm going to wind up. I like the interaction with other authors and I love Dean Koontz novels. Although I choose not to read them when I'm writing, in fear I'd make a subconscious error and incorporate something from his stories into mine. Even muted or transformed, I wouldn't want to risk it. I think the brain has a way of calling on things when we're stuck. And yes I do realize that we borrow from everything around us on a daily basis, but I'd rather it not be so blatant. So...I don't read when I write. I love talking about my stories, especially when I get to read my children stories to a bunch of 1st graders. I love the innocence and sometimes intricacy of their questions. It can be very surprising to hear what their take on the story is. And it is always fun. I love knowing that my novelettes and novels are designed for the young adult but enjoyed by various age groups as well. It makes me smile to know I can reach such a wide variety of people. And although I probably wouldn't admit to it if you asked me, I love signings and the interaction of the entire author world. But what I don't like, what I truly despise, is the marketing. This is something I have no knowledge or talent for. Something that I wish I could call a publicist or agent to do. Something I'd just as soon sweep under the carpet and forget exists. And even though I know I must engage in this very unnerving and tedious process, I'm glad it's Sunday and my biggest concern is how to fast forward through the commercials during my DVR episode of Fringe.

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