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Thursday, November 7, 2019

It's a Gnomes Life

I was standing at the back door peering through the glass at Curie. She's recently discovered the benefits of green grass over desert rock and getting her to come in after frolicking amongst the crunchy leavess and alluring plethora of scents, has proven to be difficult. Normally, I'd let her roam and investigate the terrain to her hearts content. The yard is sufficiently fenced, no chance of digging her way out, Ronnie made sure of that on our last visit. But the other night I was disappointed to hear they have a coyote issue just like we do in Vegas. My heart sank. I thought we were in the clear and I could breath a sigh of relief but it's just not to be.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with the life of a garden gnome, well, let me tell you. As I said, I was standing at the door waiting for my girl to come in when it hit me. Standing tall in their little corner of the world the quirky little creatures have the best view every day. Never bothered by the temperment of mother nature, they remain planted in their patch of dirt witness to  beautiful sunrises, glorious lightning displays, breathtaking sunsets, white puffs dangling from blue skies, the ominious hum of fog across a grey canvas, the brillant cascades of Autumn, and the quiet calm of an untouched white blanket on a crisp day. Never stressed over bills, the power outage of cable, or the funky click the engine on your 2005 Toyota makes everytime you throw it into reverse. Nope, their life is simply to be. So before you go to sleep tonight, if you have one of these little guys in your backyard or on the front lawn, give him a wave and let him know you know, he's there.

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