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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Amazon—the trickster

By the title of this blog, you might think this is a bitch session directed toward Amazon, it's not. This is more of a question I'm sending out to the universe with the hope my voice carries to the ears of our beautiful lady, and she has time to bestow a little wisdom. Because in the grand scheme of things that the world is facing, my is merely a blip within a blip within a blip. A non-issue to most everyone on this planet, with exception of a few authors, who like me scour their author page daily, hourly, minute to minute—you get the picture.

For non-author friends, when your books are established on Amazon, you can create an author page on Author Central. This is the place you can track your sales, see your rankings, and drown in tears most of the time. But on those days where the planets align and your ranking shines, it makes up for the misery. Anyway, I'm getting off point. The question...

Dear lovely, gracious, wondrous Universe,

Could you please, if you have a free moment, explain to me why Amazon insists on continuing its game of teasing me with a day of climbing the rungs of the author ranking, only to leave me dangling? For days I revel in the glory of seeing that little line nearly reach the #1, only to be equally crushed because I have no idea which book...books, are the reason for my spot light of glory. And, by the time Amazon catches up and updates, the books have begun to fall in ranking again, and my brief light of the sun has darkened with black of a new moon—no stars. This is a daunting occurrence that has continued to plague me over the last several months. So, if there is a morsel of time, and you possess the answer to unlock my treasure chest filled with frustration, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Your humble follower,

Vicki-Ann Bush

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