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Monday, February 4, 2019

Valentine's Day Expectations

I'm not going to lie, I'm a sappy romantic at heart. I'm the girl who melts for white roses, chocolates from Ethel M, and little boxes filled with treasure. I want the candle lit intimate dinner, a glass of red, and a stroll through a garden holding hands, and dreaming about about our life yet to come.
Sounds perfect...

But with our busy lives, and raising kids, we're usually lucky if we can rush out and buy his or her fave scent, the one their almost out of and we crossed our fingers that they could stretch out every drop until February 14th. A dinner picked up from a park and carry-out, like Olive Garden, or if you're really lucky, Cheesecake Factory. A quick stop at the grocery store for a whatever's left bouquet, a card on the fly, and maybe the last box of descent chocolate you can buy for $8.99. After all, we have a budget.
Sounds Perfect...

Two very different ways to celebrate, two very different times in our lives, and yet...both will eventually be locked away in our memory vaults for us to bring forth on those dark days we need a smile. Because as different as they are, they are both representations of our lives and love.

Some of my most cherished Valentine memories are when the kids were young and my husband would bring home flowers for each of us, little heart shaped boxes of chocolate for the kids, and a beautiful, ornate one for me. Of course dad got his chocolate too. Usually, back in those days it was the larger box of Whitman's Sampler. Romance on a budget...it worked.

I'm not blind, I realize the commercial value of the day. And I know those who choose not to celebrate it. And that's what suites them. But I still feel a little magic when I see those beautifully wrapped red boxes filled with delectable chocolate, white roses and babies breath, and a romantic dinner for two, or three or four...whatever stage you are in your life, you're together.

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