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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

An Author's Pause

As authors we are always busy waiting. We wait to hear from a publisher, an agent, a contest or a review. The list can go on and on. It feels at times like three quarters of our lives are spent in a state of suspension. Not knowing where we are headed, barely recognizing where we were and muddling through what we need to do today.

We are writing the next big hit, editing for the fifth time and trying to stay on social media with quick quirky tweets, fun Facebook posts, instantly amusing Instagram and the plethora of other sites I'd rather not take the time to list.

That's it isn't though? Time. Everything takes time—every day. No weekends or holidays. Not really. We may say we're disconnecting, dropping out but we never really do ... do we?

We take a quick peek. Check an Amazon status. Graze Twitter for a second and check our emails for a sign someone reacted positive to your submission and wants YOU. All the while still waiting.

And why do we do this daily ritualistic self infliction of agony? The answer is simple. We are authors and couldn't imagine our life any other way. It's the love of words and a relationship that binds us, holds us up, comforts us, drives us crazy, gives us doubt and at times lifts us higher than we ever thought possible. The words know us, understand us and we deliver them so that they may be heard. It's the lifetime partnership of quiet perfection.

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