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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mother's Day

I wanted to write a lovely Mother's Day message but my fingers are touching all the wrong keys. I love the idea of Mother's day. When the girls were small getting up on that special Sunday morning was always such a joy for me. Breakfast as a family (Ronnie usually made pancakes and let me tell you, he makes the best ever!) on a Spring day set aside just for me was nirvana. Flowers on the table, sometimes bought and other times picked from our yard represented life to me.

As the girls grew up and eventually moved out, Mother's Day took on a new tradition. Stevie would bake homemade scones (a fave of mine) and Chris and Fi would go to the International Market for Devonshire Cream. Some jam, tea & coffee with the four of us and our precious Olive around Stevie's table completed the morning and were some of my most treasured memories.

Now all the kids have moved out of state and have their own traditions. Stevie has Olive and Chris two very precocious fir babies. My mom is close by and for me, the day is focused only on her. We get together with my brother and his family and usually have lunch at our house. Mom prefers not to go to a crowded restaurant. And this suites me just fine. It's more intimate and less stress. 

I don't feel the same about this day. It's not a pity me party, it's just what is. Ronnie tries so hard to capture the day and make it what he would hope I could feel, but I just can't. I'm still the mother of two beautiful, talented and unique kids but my time to surround myself with them on this Sunday morning is gone. A new tradition. I celebrate it for everyone else. 

I take joy in the smiles of my sister in-law, my mom, my friends and the sounds of the girls voices over the phone. The countless wishes on social media, the cute pics everyone posts and the look in my husbands eyes when he gives everything he's got to make things special for me.

Time changes all, hearts remain full.

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