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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Sexy Place ~ # 102nd week of My Sexy Saturday. The Garden of Two-seven lines from the most romantic place, 1917.

Lillie did feel something, a presence so strong she was compelled to turn and look. In a moment kindly guided by fate’s hand, her eyes met Charlie’s, and he slid down next her on the bench. “Is it you? Are you really here?” Tears were flowing down her face. “You’re a dream. I’m dreaming?” “No, my dearest Lillie, I’m here. I’m with you and I’m never leaving you again.” He pulled her close to his chest as their arms completed the journey from separation to unity. He gently explained everything that had happened and then softly pressing his lips to hers, he felt for the first time in what seemed an eternity, the very thing that kept him alive all these past months: her kiss. She tasted like everything sweet and delicious in life.Lillie reached up and let her fingers caress his beautiful face. “Charlie, look at the fire thorns. They’re touching. They’re together. ”He looked deeply into her eyes and their lips met once again. “Yes, together, my darling. Forever we will be together in our garden of two.” And he slipped his hand into his pocket and embraced the little box.http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com/

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