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Thursday, May 7, 2015

                                            My First YouTube Book Trailer

Everyone who knows me, has some sort of clue that I am computer challenged. It's really no secret, I don't try to hide it. Things that might take others to do in minutes, often might take me hours to figure out. But I guess the key words are "figure out."

Most of the time, however long it may be, I do accomplish my goal. Today for instance, my trailer was ready to share. I knew I had to post on YouTube, and the nerves flooded in. I went to YouTube and scoured the page. There I saw a little button in the right hand corner that simply said, UPLOAD.
Hmm ... Could this be it? Could it really be this simple? I clicked on it and there I was, uploading my first book trailer! Now to you, this might sound simplistic. But to me, I might have just been climbing the side of Mt. Everest. It was a small victory, but one I am not ashamed to take.

So without further babbling, I give you ... Room 629.


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