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Friday, July 19, 2013

The stress filled day of Casey Jones

                          Casey Jones side view                           Casey Jones front view

Before I tell you what happened to Mr. Casey Jones on the morning of July 13th 2013, I would like to give you a little back round as to who Casey Jones is. Casey was an abused baby rescued by Jason and Angela. He was weary of other people other than his Mom and Dad for reasons we can only imagine and would like to think maybe one day, Casey could forget. He endured the loss of his mom Angela to cancer and twice relocating between Dallas, Texas and Nevada. He is a good boy and over the years has learned to trust even the strangest of humans. He sleeps most of the day and never acts in anyway but kind to his big little brother, a great Dane...Cooper. He is very patient with my soon to be four granddaughter, Olive and he lets her stroke his back, even though his little body is riddled with arthritis. He is a gentlemen in every sense of the word and he is our boy.

That being said, let's go back to Saturday 7/13. It was a big day for us. The entire family and friends were coming to celebrate and honor our Dad who had passed on May 11, 2013. We had promised him a big family BBQ when he had got better and although he could not be with us in the physical sense, we all carried a piece of him with us and we were going to make good on our promise. I should be honest and tell you that due to the past three months of Dad's hospital stay and passing, Casey's grooming took a back seat. He did get quite shaggy and when we brought him into the, and I use this word extremely loosely...groomer, we informed her of the unintentional neglect that Casey's grooming had been subjected to. We also discussed his age and the severity of his arthritis. She did not once suggest it might be better to take him to the vet, or offer any other alternative. She happily took him and told us it would be $54.00 when we picked him up. We hugged our boy good bye, thinking he would feel much better after a day at the spa and we could pick him up in about four hours.

We made a last minute grocery run and then headed home. I'm not exactly sure of the time frame, but it seemed like about 30-45 minutes later we received the call. The groomer  was on the phone telling Jason to come and get Casey. She could no longer work on him and could definitely not finish him. We were hesitant to see exactly what had been done to Casey Jones. When we arrived Casey was in a bottom cage. We could see some of the tragedy, but he was not completely visible. The groomer proceeded to tell us that Casey was acting like he had dementia and it was too difficult to get him under control. She suggested we might want to take him to the vet because she would not work on him any longer. Don't they use muzzles when there is an issue grooming? Just saying...She then said it would be $25.00 for time spent, all the while holding Casey in the cage until payment was received. When she took him out after payment and placed him on the ground, the full horror of what had been done to Casey became clear. Now I know I myself am not an experienced dog groomer, but it seems to me that logic and experience would tell you after a clip or two that maybe this isn't the best idea to keep going on. I mean as an experienced dog groomer, she didn't realize that stopping before it became ridiculous was probably the better choice? Really? Is the dollar so important that the well being of little Casey Jones was evidently not as alluring. She said she had been bit once and would not do it again. You work with animals...I'm pretty sure they tell you about their teeth early on in dog grooming education. I broke a nail once when pounding on the key board in the heat of an idea for my last book...enough...I am not going to type any more. Sometimes we just have to push through the little hazards of our CHOSEN profession and learn to adapt and do the job we sign on for. She was informed about Casey and his age and arthritis prior, it was not a surprise.

We left with our hearts aching for Casey. We decided to wait a week before having to go and finish at a reputable establishment. He needed the time to regroup. Casey was clearly traumatized, something that he had not experienced with prior groomers. Since his experience with the Michael Myers of grooming, Casey has not been the same. All this week he has had issues with his bladder and bowls. He can't quite make it to the door and is sleeping far more than before. She traumatized our little boy who had come a long way from years ago, only to once again meet another untrustworthy human.We hope that a few more days of love from us and his brother will bring Casey back to his happy self...we'll see. As for the groomer, here is her information. Do with it what you think you should, but please heed my warning. When in Boulder City, Nevada do not stop into the following establishment unless you're the idiot in the horror flick who says..."I'll be right back." Then you truly deserve what you get.
Professional Pet Room & Groom
707 Canyon Rd #105A
Boulder City, NV 89005
Pearl Johnstone


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