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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ignorance...Alive and Well in Las Vegas

Normally I don't jump on a band wagon. I may run along side it for a few miles but leaping is just not something I do. But the injustice that was bestowed on my daughter and her fiance today could just not be let go. So leaping it is. Today my daughter was informed that the company that is contracted with the wedding service will not provide her wedding cake simply because she and her fiance are a gay couple. Now as a mother who loves her daughter very much, which I'm sure you can relate too, I found this news to be not only horrendous but I think it might actually have popped a blood vessel in my brain. I found myself hearing that buzz in my ears. You know the one I'm referring to. It's when something makes you so angry or nervous that you lose all your ability to hear. Words become mere sounds droning and vibrating in your head. After listening to the sound of my my babies voice as she described the events I could a feel a literal volcano erupting in my body. The thought that someone could deliberately hurt my child and her sweet fiance in such a manner was beyond words. I really felt that we had gone beyond all this nonsense. Apparently I'm the one who is ignorant. The pain this company (their name is Tiers of Joy in Las Vegas) has caused my child is beyond anything any mother could imagine. To have your child singled out because of someone else's lack of humanity takes your breath away. The wedding company has told her they will credit them and they can go anywhere they want for the cake. I find this to be a good outcome. The last thing a newly joined couple needs is to have their wedding shadowed with ill will and negative thoughts. As for Tiers of Joy, they better reconsider their name spelling because they pissed off the wrong mother and I see tears, not tiers in their immediate future. Tiers of Joy Las Vegas the cake place that offers discrimination along with their lace and roses. Their contact # is 702.263.9895 and their email is tiersofjoy@cox.net if anyone feels compelles to voice their complete horror with this company.

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