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Friday, April 1, 2011

Binder of Rejection

So on the advice of my husband, I took all my rejection letters that I have been compiling in a folder and placed them neatly in a binder entitled...what else...Just a Little Inconvenience. I went to my local Target (they were less expensive than the office supply store) and picked out the happiest color I could find. I wanted my slew of past rejection to be housed in something pretty. Sort of like a disguise. It looked nice on the outside while all along something dark and dank lie waiting. I settled on lavender. It gave me the feel of Spring. Rebirth and starting over. Nonsense I know, because nothing has changed yet with my grand search for an agent, but hope, no matter how futile, is still hope. I even paid the extra $3.99 and splurged on page protectors. Now my rejection can stay preserved in nice little sheets of plastic. What a thrill. I decided to place them chronologically, putting the ones with no date at the very back and the newest in front, you get the picture. Anyway, while I was diligently sorting them into piles by year, I noticed that I inadvertently sent queries into the same agency more than once for the novel The Garden of Two. Not only receiving one rejection, but two. Now you might think this new sad piece of knowledge might have disturbed me or at the very least shook me a little. But to my surprise, it didn't. In fact, it just sparked something inside and made me feel more determined than ever. I will prove my novel is worthy enough to be placed on the shelf right next to the likes of Nicholas Sparks, Dean Koontz and that literary anomaly, Stephanie Meyer. I will keep on sending queries. I will not stop writing. And if one day my binder finds itself busting at the seems, no longer able to take one more rejection, I will simply drive to Target and buy a bigger binder...pink might be nice.

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