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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gay Marriage

I was sitting here this morning listening to possible candidates for the Presidency tout their views on various issues. One of the subjects that they addressed was gay marriage. After all the changes that we've seen take place the last few years it still amazes me when I hear the ignorance that seems to still run rapid in a good portion of our candidates. When asked the question that make them uneasy in their seats they all seem to have the same rehearsed answer. They all want to protect the sanctimony of traditional marriage. It seems to me that just about fifty years ago, traditional marriage excluded anyone that dared to embark on a marriage that was interracial. And about sixty years ago, even marrying out of your religion was considered an event of biblical proportion. Why do these people feel they wear the the golden crown that gives them the MORAL one up to everyone else? If they put as much effort into the things that are really effecting our children's future instead of something that does not have anything what so ever to do with there day to day lives, guess what...we've just ended world hunger.

1 comment:

  1. I've never understood how 2 women, or 2 men, who were committed to each other poses a threat to my marriage. My marriage is strong enough to handle 2 women who decide to commit to each other. Are the politicians who feel that gay marriage is a threat to "traditional" marriage so insecure in their marriages? Sad, really.