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Friday, October 5, 2018

Blackout Cake by Ebinger's

Although Fall in Las Vegas looks nothing like this, the desert holds it's own beauty. But, I do remember beautiful Autumn moments like this growing up, and I must admit, I still miss them. Fall is by far my most favorite Season. One of the fondest memories of the Fall/ Winter months was Ebinger's Blackout cake. A delectable, rich chocolate dessert that tantalized the taste buds and delivered a fork full of perfection with each bite.

Ebinger's is long since closed, and Entenmann's, whose recipe was a very close second, no longer manufacturers this culinary classic. I've yearned for this dessert for years, a childhood favorite, it remained locked away in my most fondest memories of New York.

A few weeks ago, my brother Joe, surprised me. He had tracked down the recipe from Ebinger's and emailed it to me. To say I was elated could not to begin to describe my joy. I know what you're thinking... it's just a cake, Vicki-Ann. There are numerous recipe's for scrumptious chocolate cakes. I know, I've made a few. But the Blackout cake from Ebinger's and Entenmann's was more than just chocolaty goodness. It was countless hours at the kitchen table with my family growing up in New York. My grandmother's boisterous half Italian, half English comments of advice to my mom, my grandfather's quiet calm, my uncles and aunts, cousins, friends, and anyone else who just dropped by our house. It was nights watching television with my mom, insisting on murder mysteries, while my dad tried to vie for a half hour of comedy shows. My brother and I downstairs playing in the basement, my dad tickling the keys on the piano, my mom cooking dinner... the Blackout cake saw life pass by from it's perch on the kitchen counter.

After forty plus years, my heart warms with the thought that once again, a Blackout cake will be enjoyed. And although I've grown into an adult, and most of my loved ones who shared this treat many years ago are gone, the tradition will go on. It'll be waiting on my counter for whoever drops by.

Here's the link my brother sent me, please let me know what you think if you bake it.

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