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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just thinking ...

Have you ever found yourself in a place that seems oddly familiar and yet different at the same time? It's like the feelings you are dripping with are pulled from a place deep down in the core of your memory. But the catalyst to start the explosion of angst is fueled by a different fuse. The end result always being the same ... A big boom.

There is no perfection, no absolute. Just a series of what we're willing to or can tolerate. If you have one great thing, then you give up something else. If you have eh with something, then you get mind blowing with something else. Life is a constant play of ying and yang. I've always saw the yang as the downer of the two, so I think the secret is to find out which yang you are willing to keep and call your own and which you couldn't possibly deal with on a daily basis. Once you figure this little diddy out, life becomes your version of happy.

I for one, have not figured this out yet. And so my search for life's acceptable haves and have nots goes on. The journey can be fun at times, but most often it's a world wind, mind numbing path to self reflection and constant doubt. It's okay though, there's chocolate.

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