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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I know I've been saturating the airways with this news, but it is the most exciting event for me because, The Garden of Two, is actually the first novel I wrote. I know what your thinking, I already have The Dusk Chronicles, but I wrote this story a couple of years earlier.

It's been a long road and one not as well traveled as paranormal romance. The Garden of Two is an historical romance that is set in 1916. The perils of the first World War and the contrast of lovely Long Island New York, set the back round for this love ... an eternal love that no one could ever change. It is my heart that is poured into this story and the representation of the world through the eyes and soul of a young girl in love.

I hope you read it and understand a bit more about the writer and perhaps the similarities it may hold to your life, your eternal love. Just click the link below and reserve your Kindle copy. Or if you rather, coming soon, The Garden of Two in paperback.


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