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Monday, November 24, 2014

November 28th Blog Guest- Rocky Rochford

Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my guest author, Rocky Rochford. Rocky has written several books and we have some of them listed here today for your viewing pleasure. They are exciting, adventurous, mysterious and intriguing—get your copy now and start the journey.

Meet the Author -

Rocky Rochford Author Bio:
I am Rocky Rochford, I'm not to far into my twenties and yet, already I have great insight into the world and her workings. I am a Writer from Day 1 and a Writer I shall forever be. I am a Student of Everything, yet a Master of Nothing who does not choose what he writes, but writes what chooses him, be it fantasy, crime, poetry, philosophy or even adventure, after all life is a journey we all experience.

Little Boy Death - The Life of
Life is a wondrous journey we all undergo and it can be good or it can be bad. We are forever finding ourselves on moments that will forever shape us. In the form of Poetry this is a story of a life, the Life of Little Boy Death, a troubled soul from day one and now he is ready to share his soul with the world, letting his every fear, insecurity and nightmare be known. It is in the darkness of the soul, true beauty and depth can be found, buried deep within the years of torment, heartache and self-loathing.

Entwined - Dead on the Floor
The beginning of the End starts now. For some of us, Life can be cruel, dealing us a losing hand and for Matthew Radley, a young Wiccan practitioner that is exactly what he got. After a lifetime of chaos, pain and losing himself, he finally got everything he wanted, the woman he loved, the future he desired and a reason to live, but in a single moment he lost it all. Unable to take the pain and no longer desire to live, Matthew takes the one thing he has left, his own life. For Matthew, his story has to end, in order for it to begin, his story has no happy ending, for his is a life of Love, Magick, Corruption & Death and only asks for understanding.

Rise of the Elohim - Hour of Darkness
With the Shanzi King's return to Mares looming on the horizon, ready to unleash an eternity of chaos, three of his most trusted and dangerous minions take to the World of Oceania to begin preparations for Darkari's return, the Dark King of Death. This is the story of Shaymon, bringer of diseases, Stavros, the always hungry wolf and the warmongering Mongra. Each one desiring nothing more than the total eradication of all humanity, but first they must find themselves a place in the world before can destroy it.

Dead but not for Long, Matthew Radley returns as you've never seen him before, ready to get his life's story under-way. Who would ever have thought that one typical Monday morning, would be the day he saw Her? The Beginning of the End has truly come and he doesn't even know it.Add caption
                I am Death.
               And I am hungry.
               And there you are,
              Unaware of my arrival.

         Don’t turn around.         

Author Interview Questionnaire:

Author: Rocky Rochford
Your latest/current work: The Entwined Saga – The First Glance & Little Boy Death The Life Of
Date: 11/30/14
Publisher: Solstice Publishing

1. Tell us about your Latest Book/Book about to be released? Release Date? And can you give us a teaser?

The First Glance – Part of the Entwined Saga (continuation to Dead on the Floor), releases this month on Amazon (11/30/14) in eBook format and introduces the reader to a 16 year old Wiccan Witch, Matthew Radley, as his present day 22 year old self, had killed himself in the book Dead on the Floor and it is from Age 16 we begin to learn of why he killed himself.

The First Glance is the day where his life took the turn that changed his life forever, a turn that would see him experience desire, drugs, love, corruption, his own death.


My story was always going to be about a girl, but not this one. She was just the beginning.” – Matthew Radley, Deceased 2014


Dead but not for Long, Matthew Radley returns as you've never seen him before, ready to get his life's story under-way. Who would ever have thought that one typical Monday morning, would be the day he saw Her? The Beginning of the End has truly come and he doesn't even know it.

Then releasing on the same day is my eBook  Poetry Collection, “Little Boy Death The Life of.”

Life is a wondrous journey we all undergo and it can be good or it can be bad. We are forever finding ourselves on moments that will forever shape us. In the form of Poetry this is a story of a life, the Life of Little Boy Death, a troubled soul from day one and now he is ready to share his soul with the world, letting his every fear, insecurity and nightmare be known. It is in the darkness of the soul, true beauty and depth can be found, buried deep within the years of torment, heartache and self-loathing.

2. What other books/short stories have you written?

Over works that are released and available for purchasing, would be:

-Phoenix Rises (a Deep Water novel) // (Full length print format novel available on Amazon and other sites)

-Spirit of Iris (of the “Rise of the Elohim” Chronicles) // (Full length print & eBook  format novel available on Amazon and other sites)

-Dead on the Floor (Part of the Entwined Saga) // (Short eBook story available on Amazon)

-Don't Turn Around (a Short tale of Murder) // (Short eBook story available on Amazon)

-Hour of Darkness (of the “Rise of the Elohim” Chronicles) // (Short eBook story available on Amazon)

3. Are they available in e-book, print, or both?

Some like Phoenix Rises, is only available in Print, whereas Spirit of Iris is available in both formats, whereas the rest of my works are only available in eBook  (such as the Entwined Saga)

4. Where can readers find your books?

6. How did you get started in writing?

Writing was always a great way for me to relax and clear out some space in my head, but as for what prompted me to send out my first ms, it would have to be after working on Phoenix Rises on and off for as many years as I did, I felt compelled to try and the truth is when it did get published I was overwhelmed and I wanted to feel that joyous feeling again so I wrote another book and another. Plus when I was 13 I did want to become an author when it started to look like my Intelligence career would never be.

7. Where and How can readers get in touch with you?

Twitter account: @RockyRochford

My Website: rockyrochford.wordpress.com

Goodreads.com: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7310280.Roc...

Then of course there is the social media that is Facebook that enables you to get in touch a few ways:
My personal Facebook account: Rocky Rochford (https://www.facebook.com/RochfordRocky?ref=ts&fref=ts)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/IamRockyRochford?fref=ts

Facebook Poetry Page (my own of course): https://www.facebook.com/rockyrochfordpoetry?fref...

Facebook Little Boy Death Page (a character I have reserved for a special project and Facebook home to L.B.D's “other dimensional” philosophies and more): https://www.facebook.com/Welcome2theDarkside?fref...

8. So with your latest work released/or being released, what comes next? What can we expect from you in the future?

How do you get your audience interested in your new film coming to cinemas? You release a teaser trailer, well as far as I go, I am just getting started, the future of Rochford has much to come. I will never limit myself to just the one genre, or just the one story, and why have one iconic character when you can have more? First there is Lewis, an Intelligence Operative in the middle of his career, with plenty of adventures to be had. Zach  the protagonist of my latest novel to be released, is a character who will be sticking around for a while as his adventures in Sancti and the War against the Shanzi is just getting started. Then while these two take centre  stage, with them come their friends Matthew Radley, Little Boy Death, Alex Carter and the Brotherhood, protagonists of their own forthcoming adventures. The future of Rochford, is the future of “FACES:” Fantasy, Adventure, Crime, Espionage and Supernatural.

9. How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

I actually try to put as much as I can, character relationships I have based on my own, the protagonist to my published novel “Phoenix Rises,” who is also the Hero to London Calling, one of my most latest works, he is based on me too, my passion for the marine environment. Being a scuba diver, the attitude, the personality. A lot of Lewis comes from myself, as I have always seen him as the person I could have been. Then of course there is Matthew Radley, the protagonist to Dead on the Floor and the Entwined series. With the entire saga planned, I can see his whole journey and with his story, I really wanted to shake it up and put a whole lot of myself into him, his appearance, the places he lives. The way he is was how I was when I was his age and even a number of the circumstances he finds himself in are all derived from things from my past. With his character I really want to drive it him, blur the line between fact and fiction as a test to myself and ability.

10. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I am quite literally go with the flow yeah. I have a chaotic schedule where anything can happen for any reason. Work can be some many hours one day and three times as much the next. Then there are social commitments and the like. So I write whenever I know I have a good few hours available to me, such as the night-time when all is silent, except for me clacking away at my keyboard.

11. What is your routine once you start writing a book?

To write it and stick at it, DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET DISTRACTED. Some writers start something, only to never finish, so when I write a book, I write that book, except in my case, it is when I start those books, I write those books. Life gets put on hold, most of the time anyway.

12. What about you in general? What is it that makes you tick? Makes you you? Things you like to do and what prompted you into writing?

I have a very vivid imagination and craze excitement non-stop. I want to see the world, see it all and do it all and when faced with something I can't do because I currently lack the funds to currently do it, I write about it instead. But things that make me tick, dipping my toe into the water before going for an hour long scuba dive. Bombing around on a jet-ski. Going for a morning run in the rain and mountain-boarding.

13. Among your own books, have you a favourite book? Favourite Hero or Heroine?

Favourite book would have to be without a doubt be London Calling, just everything about it resonates through my entire being. It's the type of story I once longed to live. Mystery, the fall of MI6 and a youthful Intelligence Officer from the Navy tasked with saving the day in a two-part adventure, what isn't to love.

Now as for favourite character, Matthew Radley is a great second (of the Entwined Saga), what with having a whole range of adventures already happened and planned, Navy Captain John Herman Lewis takes the lead. Yes Radley has diversity, a deadly intellect and a mindset adaptable to most things, it's Lewis' own mindset that steals the top spot. A man troubled and tormented by his past, like Radley, but on a whole new scale, whilst having to face unthinkable obstacles.

14. What kind of research do you when writing one of your works?

Lots and lots of In-depth research. Can be weeks or months of research. For my upcoming espionage novel, I spent ages looking into naval uniforms, insignias, type of guns specific officers would have. Tattoos, Naval protocols and and more. I like to immerse myself into the world I am aiming to write, after all the Devil is in the details.

15. Do you ever ask friends/family for advice or ideas to go into your works?

Not really, I prefer to keep my ideas to myself, write them in and then maybe have a friend or family member read it and gauge their reaction.

16. Have you ever experienced Writer's Block? If so how did you work through it?

Thankfully I can say even to this day that no I have never experienced it whatsoever, I think my method of working on multiple works at a time on a rotation really helps with that, as you are constantly going from story to story that there is no time to run out of ideas, but just keep building on them.

17. Who are some of your favourite authors to read?

Clive Cussler
Ian Fleming
James Patterson
Bram Stocker

18. Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

I suppose I could talk about myself a little. Okay, my name is Rocky, I am a 22 year old from England, who has spent most of his life, growing up not in my country of birth, but in Spain, with my family, two parents and two siblings. It is here in Spain I set my first novel, it is in Spain I took to mountain boarding, wake-boarding, boxing, and more importantly Scuba Diving. In fact I am actually a PADI  Divemaster, who intends on getting his Instructor qualification because teaching others to scuba dive is something that appeals to me, as a Divemaster I help out on courses, but as an Instructor I would be able to teach them.
As a writer, I am not restricted to one field, because for the last 6 years I have worked as a freelance journalist, who at a much earlier stage in my career, had his very own column and write now, whilst penning the occasional article, I am actually doing some work as a publicist for a non-profit marine awareness, conservation group in Spain, promoting their activities. I also dabble in screen-writing, having done a number of my own short films, a number of animations on the internet and even a play that was canceled, sadly. Oh I'm also a poet.
Now as far as education goes, ha ha, yeah I don't really have much of an education, I left England at 10, leaving behind me friends, home and good education to start a new life in Spain, where after 4 years in a local Spanish school, I never actually learned anything new, so I ditched school, started working with my dad and took to home studying. I engaged in subjects such as journalism, creative writing, philosophy, psychology (two subjects I consider to play a huge role in writing as they enable you to give better poise and insight into your characters and their actions). I was also interested in marine salvage law and maritime history. Although I never actually got a degree in any of those subjects, making my Divemaster  credentials the only qualification to my name, I feel I have learned all I need and got all I need, after all, degrees only get you so far, life lessons take you all the way. Plus I have one novel published, two being released and two more in the works, that more than makes up for a degree in English and Creative Writing in my opinion.
Now hobbies, Scuba diving (of course), photography, hiking excursions, swimming, working on motors (especially my old bikes and I love Ducatis!!!) and of course music, which is a great aid for writing. I like to listen to songs that I can relate to and that the scene I am writing relates to, so that way as I am writing the scene or chapter, its not just my emotions going into the story, but the emotions the songs stir inside me and the song itself. Bands on my writing play-list include: Nickelback,  Papa Roach, Theory of a Deadman, Linkin Park, Metallica, Blue Oyster Cult, Stone Sour, Tonight Alive and a few others
There is a whole lot more I've left out, but it's a story for another day.

19. Lastly do you have any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Yeah three: Never Say Die! Writing is not easy, nor is finding a publisher willing to take a chance on your work. It can be excruciating at times. So much blood, sweat and tears goes into it, but it is all worth it in the end when your book finally makes it. When you hold it in your hands, when you read your name on the title. Writing and being published is not a race, but a marathon, it takes stamina, strength, patience and determination, but it is all worth it in the end. 

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