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Friday, July 25, 2014

Week #52 ~ My Sexy Saturday— Seven Lines ... The Dusk Chronicles trilogy. Love from another time, Noah & Emma.

Noah heard the door open and turned around. There was Emma. Her long light brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, with flexes of gold and honey shining through it as the sun beamed down on her. His heart stopped beating for a moment and he gasped to catch his breath...she was so beautiful. Jen had taken her shopping for the occasion and they had found the perfect dress. Matthew, had been difficult at first about the length, but with a lot of fast talking from Jen, they were able to settle on just at the knee. Emma had picked a deep rich emerald color that illuminated her green eyes. He walked up to her and gently clasped his hand in hers, this would be a night he would never forget.


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