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Monday, June 30, 2014

Las Vegas Heat

For all of you who live here, either in Las Vegas or Henderson, you are painfully aware of the heat blanket we are currently under. It's not a fun blanket like the one you would crawl under as a kid, pretending to hide from monsters. Rather, this blanket is the monster.

When I first moved to Las Vegas thirty-one years ago, I loved the summer. I remember going out in the back yard and literally basking in the sun for several hours in temperatures of 110 degrees and higher. I didn't say I was smart when I was younger, but I was seriously more tolerable. Now however,  I step outside for five minutes and I feel as if all the heat surrounds my body and slowly squeezes out all my life force. It's as if this blanket gets thrown onto me and the longer I'm in it, the more wrapped up I become. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but the tides sure have changed. And the only driving force that keeps me from completely dropping to the ground and melting like a tablespoon of butter ... the sheer knowledge that in four or five months from now, it'll be sixty-five degrees. I'll complain it's freezing and the Midwest will be under a different kind of blanket ... a five degrees below zero frozen one.

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