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Monday, June 9, 2014

7 Paragraphs from—Through the Door to Dusk

Hi everyone ... here is seven paragraphs from the first book of The Dusk Chronicles, Through the Door to Dusk. I hope you enjoy them and yearn for more! 

As Noah drove home that night, he couldn't get the image of her out of his mind. He was drawn to he. There was a power that wouldn't let go of him and the more he tried not to think about her, the more he couldn't stop. He had to know her, to speak to her, to hold her hand and gently kiss her lips. What was this emotion that gripped him? It felt as if a vice had clamped down with all its might on his heart and wouldn't, no, couldn't let him shake free. He had to go back.

The next night he got there early and decided to wait by the church construction, hoping he could get a better view of where they came from. He was convinced there had to be a hidden entrance into the area that he and Travis had missed the night before. This time he would be ready. He didn't want to frighten her, he just wanted to talk to her and find out who they were and if they had known the boy he had watched die. He was hoping they could give him some information or even an explanation, anything that could help him understand what had happened.

Again the temperature had dropped and he began to shiver. That was when he heard them. Impossible. He was looking at the doorway to the front of the church. He didn't see them come from anywhere. They just appeared right in front of him. He stayed very quiet and still and waited to see where they were headed. Again they set out toward the school. He followed, watching as they went into the cafeteria, but this time he didn't stay. He went back to the church and waited for their return.

After a few minutes he could hear them coming up the block. When they went through the fence opening he stepped out in front of them. They all stopped, frozen in place as if they were suddenly made of stone. Their eyes were fixed on Noah with an intensity of fear that he felt pierce through is whole body. He no longer felt the crispness of the cold air and the emptiness of the darkness that was quickly covering everything around him. He moved forward towards them and as he did they all backed away except for her. She stood directly in front of him. Her green eyes looked even deeper close up and her skin was as smooth as porcelain. She watched him intensely as he took another step closer.

”Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. My name is Noah and I just want to ask you a few questions. What’s your name?”

She looked into his eyes. Noah could see she was different. She wasn't afraid, no her eyes were kind and gentle. He wanted to grab her and take her into his arms. He ached to feel his lips touch hers and feel the warmth from her body melt into his.

”Please you do not understand, we must go and you must not get in our way. Please step aside. This is not your concern.”


  1. Love his gentleness...and Noah happens to be a favorite name of mine for a man.


  2. Nice setup...can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.