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Sunday, February 24, 2013


So it's Sunday and I've been writing for about three hours. It's been a good day for getting creative and enjoying some time for just me.I've been listening to the CD from Imagine Dragon and taking my characters deeper into the sci fi world running around in my head. Honestly I've tried to figure out what genre I can categorize my writing as. I've been asked several times to describe what I write and quite frankly the only thing I can come up with is the only common denominator they all have is romance. There is always a tortured love going on somewhere in the story line and after that it's basically a crap shoot. It is where my head is at the time, what strikes me when I'm out and about or what catches my eye in the back yard.

I have no formula, other than to say I am a hopeless romantic who loves the ying and the yang of relationships. Smooth, roller coaster, certainty, insanity, the common bond is the idea of forever. I will always find a way, it seems, to bring two people together and have them fight against adversity. It's just the form that the adversity takes that makes each journey...genre, different. So I guess the best way to describe my writing is to say this...I write about the fantasy I wish could be the reality; minus the demons, aliens and nazi's. ;)

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