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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chapter 1 The Queen of It

Chapter One
The Kingdoms

In the land of green hills and towering pine trees resided a race of very tiny people called the Itolites. They had a Queen and a King that lived in a brilliant castle in the land they called IT. IT was the perfect place filled with the perfect people, all the girls were very beautiful and the boys as handsome as a prince.

No one in IT was poor, they always had enough to eat, clothes to wear and a home to live in. And not just any ordinary home, all their homes were beautiful and their clothes were the best. In fact if you were to walk through their neighborhood the next house would be prettier than the last. They would feast at every meal and wanted for nothing in their kingdom.

The King and Queen had two very beautiful daughters, Kaliepy and Kareena.
Kaliepy was the oldest; she had long silky brown hair with eyes the color of the midnight sky. She had delicate features that made her look fragile, but she was not. She was strong willed in nature and very brilliant. Soon she would turn 21 and would be crowned Queen, this was a tradition amongst the Itolites. On the royals 21st birthday they assume the duties that are expected of them and their kingdom. This kept the court young and fresh, after all they must always look good in IT. This was very important.

Kareena was just as brilliant as her sister. She had green eyes that mirrored the color of the great pines trees and her hair was long and flowing with streaks of gold and honey. She was balmy in nature and preferred to dance her whole day away without one thought about being Queen. She was beautiful and a princess and that was enough for her.

The people of IT were also aware of their greatness. They knew that their land was beautiful, their houses exquisite and their lives divine. They reveled in the fact that they always had the best and settled for nothing less. Appearances were everything of course and they maintained theirs with the utmost highest of standards.

Not to far from the kingdom of IT, just on the other side of the second grassy hill was another land of tiny people, the kingdom of DUN. The Dunites were not like the people of IT at all. In fact they were the complete opposite with a plain ordinary appearance. But they did not know they were ordinary, they did not see the beauty on the outside of a person, rather they saw the beauty that lived inside each person.

They were not wealthy like the people of IT, rather they were a modest people that only grew what food they needed to and believed in sharing with each other. The farmer
who grew carrots shared with the one who grew cabbage. And he then shared with the potato grower and so you see everyone had an important part in the community.

They did have their Queen and King in DUN, but they did not live in a lavish castle, their home was a mere cottage slightly larger than the average persons in the kingdom. It was surrounded by lush green rolling hills and a beautiful clear blue lake. They had three sons who all bore the names of great leaders who had once resided in DUN. The first and eldest son was Lugh. He was tall for a Dunite and had chiseled features with a strong jaw and broad shoulders. His hair was dark brown and his eyes an emerald green. He was strong and proud and destined to be leader.

Their middle son was Robyn. Robyn was a scientist and loved to create new projects to work on. He bore little resemblance to Lugh and was a bit meeker in his features. His hair was sandy brown and his eyes a faded gray that lacked the sparkle his brothers possessed. But he didn’t seem to notice he was far too interested in studying the latest species of insect to be bothered with such things.

The youngest son of the Queen and King was Sampson. His eyes were dark like the rich soil in the earth and his hair brown like Lugh’s. And although Sampson resembled Lugh in many ways, he was much more free-minded. He knew some day his brother would be king and this gave him a sense of light heartedness. His responsibility lye with the earth, Sampson was very interested in growing and how to improve the crops. He wanted to find new ways to grow what they needed while disturbing the earth as little as possible. Sampson felt they were all one with each other and the land and had great respect for all in nature.

And so the two kingdoms went on living their lives and never knowing the existence of the other. They had never ventured out beyond their own land and therefore never thought to see what lye beyond the next grassy hill. But one day all of that would change and neither kingdom would never be the same again.

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