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Monday, May 30, 2011


Today we are going to run up to the store and pick up some buns for the hamburgers we are barbecuing later for dinner. I think coleslaw and some onions too, I always like onions on my burgers. Then off to Capriotti's to get some sandwiches for lunch, I've been craving the Bobbi...mmm. We still have a movie to watch, went to Red Box and checked a few out yesterday, I really liked I Am Number Four, it was intriguing. Maybe do a little reading later, I need to step it up on my second novel. I've spent so much time with The Dusk Chronicles and editing The Garden, that I need to re read everything thing I wrote for Room 629 before resuming my writing. So that's pretty much my day for this Memorial Day holiday. Relaxing, eating, writing and watching movies, all the things I love to do. And for all the men and women who will not be barbecuing with their families today, or don't have the time to watch a movie or even see a television for that matter, run to the grocery store or stop in to the local sandwich shop because they are thousands of miles away in a foreign country doing what has to be done so that I have the luxury of today...thank you.

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