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Friday, February 25, 2011


Okay so each week me and millions of others look forward to Friday. The day before the weekend where we don't have to think about work or co workers for two whole glorious days. Fridays are for planning and reflecting on exactly what your fun fill mini vacation will be. Should I go out to lunch? Hm maybe breakfast? A little shopping. perhaps a movie? So many possibilities and the anticipation, as you know, is the real exciting part. So Fridays are what some may call...the bomb. Well, someone other than me that is. My generation is from the cool era. Yes, if something was truly spectacular and had that wow factor that moved us then is was simply cool. A tiny word that packs a whole punch of meaning. But getting back to our Fridays. Endless possibilites. That is until you wake up on that wonder filled Friday morning and your head feels like it's been pounded on with a jack hammer the size of Texas. Your nose won't stop running and your throat is strangely like someone came into your bed in the middle of the night and made you swallow crushed glass. And if all of that newly found bodily wonderment wasnn't enough...your stomach decided today would be a good day to strike back at you for all the wrongs things you've been happily shoving into it all week. Yay Friday...

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